Idaho Funding Formula Rewrite on Pause Until 2020
April 19, 2019

PIE Network member Idaho Business for Education is among many in Idaho advocating for stakeholder groups to be involved in drafting a new state funding formula.

When the 2019 legislative session began in Idaho, it looked like the legislature was ready to take on changes to the state funding formula. A legislative commission had been studying how to improve the funding formula for the past three years and recently issued a report detailing how the legislature could change the formula. Working off the report, a legislative drafting committee began meeting in December and crafted legislation that was revealed in February. Some of most grand changes proposed in the report were shifting the formula from distributing money based on average daily attendance toward enrollment and making the formula student-centered.

Yet, session ended in Idaho without a funding formula overhaul, after the proposed bill was met with opposition from nearly every major stakeholder group, including Idaho Business for Education. Advocates report one of the major problems with the bill was the process; stakeholder groups weren’t included in drafting, so many of the consequences, intended and unintended, were still unknown.

While funding reform is on pause until the next legislative session, Leaders were able to pass legislation to define the student groups that would receive additional weights under a new funding formula, when and if it comes.

To learn more about how Idaho is approaching changing its funding formula, reach out to connect with advocates from the state.


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