Insights into EdAllies’ EdFellows Program & New Personalized Learning Guide
November 15, 2019

A new teacher-produced guide offers five approaches to implementing student-centered learning. 5 Strategies for Personalized Learning was written by high school math and physics teacher CJ Ellsworth, an EdAllies EdFellow.

In the guide, CJ outlines clear how-tos, the potential miscues and areas of struggle that teachers and students may face, and what can be done to mitigate them. Read the full guide here, which also includes sample worksheets and a summative assessment example.

The EdFellows Program

EdAllies established the EdFellows program to give educators (and now parent advocates) the chance to get hands-on policy experience and develop leadership skills as they take on a project to inform local education policy debates. Each year, EdAllies has an open application process where candidates identify a focus area and explain why they’re interested in the program. Candidates selected have a clear vision and passion for change and partner with EdAllies for support on a self-directed project. EdFellows are also at the table for broader organizational work relevant to their focus issue. Fellows receive a monthly stipend to support their work.

Personalized Learning Guide

CJ applied to the fellowship in order to elevate the work he’s been doing within his own school and learn more about “how the sausage is made” when it comes to policy. The EdAllies team met regularly with CJ to develop and implement a project workplan, and supported him in gathering feedback, editing, design, promotion, and more. In addition to developing the personalized learning guide, CJ is also hosting meetings to talk with other educators about personalized learning, participating in meetings at the Capitol, and helping create a two-way feedback loop on policy and practice.

To learn more about EdAllies’ EdFellows program or the new personalized learning guide, please reach out.

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