Interactive Maps Zoom in on District Funding in Washington State
July 25, 2019

League of Education Voters (LEV) recently released interactive maps to show how new state policy changes will impact districts’ ability to raise money to serve their students.

While the changes passed during this year’s legislative session give districts the ability to raise additional dollars, it places the burden on tax-payers. In areas where districts are already serving the most low-income families, advocates fear this could deepen disparities.


This is yet another piece of the work that the state legislature has been engaging in for years to address the Washington Supreme Court’s McCleary mandate, when the Court ordered the legislature to improve how it funded schools by September 2018.

The maps illustrate current funding inequities for the state’s 295 districts. LEV’s Director of Policy and Research Julia Warth recently explained changes passed this year in a webinar (you can listen to the recording and view the presentation).

Among many findings, the maps highlight districts with limited access to additional funds serving the largest number of low-income students. The maps also identify expected state and local funding per student for the 2019-20 school year, which districts are taxing at the maximum amount, and more.

You can read more about the 2019 policy changes in LEV’s legislative wrap up. The Seattle Times also breaks down what the maps do and don’t show in a recent article.

Interested in learning more about the policy changes in Washington this year or about the creation of these interactive maps? Reach out.

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