Lead Executives Identify Resources on Student Voice, Workforce Readiness, Leading Change & More
March 6, 2018

Lead executives across the Network recently gathered to plan for the year ahead, and during their discussions, a wealth of resources and tools emerged. Read on for links and downloads on a variety of topics that could be helpful to your work.

Workforce Readiness

Lawsuits & the Future of the Teaching Profession

  • As the Supreme Court listens to arguments in the Janus case, advocates discussed possible implications. This NCTQ blog on the case details how a ruling could impact teachers in each state.
  • This Educators for Excellence member poll reveals what some teachers think about paying union “fair share” fees.
  • Advocates also discussed legal actions in the context of other educator policy. This Education Trust-New York press release details their FOIL request for Absent Teacher Reserve data in response to the New York Department of Education’s decision to permanently place teachers from the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) in schools with vacancies.

Student Activism

Leading Change in Organizations and the Sector

  • PIE Network members discussed various strategies they’re using to lead change.
  • Teen Health Mississippi, originally part of Mississippi First, was created to meet an urgent need for health education in the Delta, serving needs of Mississippi students outside the classroom.
  • BEST NC is working to support school leaders. Learn more about their efforts around principal preparation in this policy brief and video.
  • GO Public Schools uses data advocacy to build a case for reform in a new case study.
  • Leaders referenced Mark Fraley’s, Senior Advisor at Leadership for Educational Equity, white paper on movement-building mindset (complete form to request download).

Interested in tools on succession planning or reserve strategy? Reach out to Amanda. We’ll continue to add additional resources as they are shared with us.

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