Leadership Matters: Showcasing the Value of Effective Leaders in Improving Education
August 24, 2018

A new report examines the crucial role leadership plays in shaping educational outcomes, in addition to showcasing examples where leadership is making a difference, supported by data showing students are achieving higher levels of success.

Network member A+ Education Partnership provided research support and consultation for Leadership Matters, a report from the Business Education Alliance prepared by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama.

According to Caroline Novak, president and co-founder of A+ Education Partnership, the report emphasizes the critical need for effective leadership and cites specific examples of what that looks like in practice. Six different leadership action plans are highlighted, including: statewide efforts to improve student achievement in Mississippi, business and industry leadership in the Tuscaloosa area, and effective strategies from four Alabama school systems.

“It’s an important resource we hope all education leaders in our state and beyond will use to impact the education of every student preparing now to enter the workforce,” Novak said. “Our future prosperity depends on the quality of education they receive now.”

As the report points out, effective education leadership includes not just school officials, but also the community, local business, higher education partners, and state leaders. And the report issues a call to action for bringing Alabama together under a new plan to improve education, “one that aligns with the needs of the state’s students and the demands of the modern economy.”

“It’s important to recognize, and to be encouraged that Alabama’s schools are improving, apparent by the data in this collaborative report,” Novak said. “It’s also important to acknowledge that there is still an urgent need to close the achievement and readiness gaps for all students.”


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