Make a Nomination for the 2017 Eddies!
July 18, 2017

Some of the most meaningful recognition comes from peers you respect. Nominate the work of a colleague or organization that has inspired you in 2017. You can learn more about the nomination and selection process in this Q&A.

Last year, education reformers from the PIE Network honored the great reform work of 2016 during the 2016 Eddies! Awards. Read below to learn more about last year’s winners.

2016 Most Actionable Research

Did a particular policy paper, research brief, or report  turn the heads or pull the heartstrings of your policymakers and/or local news media? The “Most Actionable Research” Award will recognize an organization whose research was broadly leveraged across the country and played an instrumental role in state advocacy campaigns.

Winner: 50CAN: The 50CAN Guide to Building Advocacy Campaigns

The Guidebook is the first blueprint for community members to build their own advocacy campaigns on education issues. It outlines goals, strategies and tactics to pursue policy change, and has been implemented by several YouCAN Advocates to begin their policy work.

“I’m so encouraged by the efforts of 50CAN to not only support local leaders in running advocacy campaigns, but to take the extra step of organizing everything they are learning and make it available to anyone for free.” – Dr. Howard Fuller

2016 Best Kept Secret

Every year, a few big wins seem to capture all the attention, while some admirable advances get lost in the tweets. The “Best Kept Secret” recognizes a big gain that didn’t get big press.

Winner: ConnCAN: Minority Teacher Recruitment

Half of students in Connecticut’s public schools are children of color; however, 92.1 percent of teachers are white, and 64 percent of school districts have no administrators of color. During the 2016 CT Legislative Session, ConnCAN led efforts to pass a law designed to better recruit and retain teachers of color. The law was unanimously passed and continues the work of the Minority Teacher Recruitment Task Force, including lifting restrictions for out-of-state teachers to attain a provisional teaching certificate. ConnCAN mobilized parents, teachers, clergy, reform partners, students and community leaders to convey the importance of the issue.

2016 Best Ensemble Cast

Building coalitions is tough work, and the most impressive gains are often due to the efforts of a team that worked together to advance an issue. The “Best Ensemble Cast” recognizes the coalition that exemplified how to advance reform together within their state or working on similar issues across state lines.

Winners: Stand for Children Washington, League of Education Voters, Partnership for Learning, DFER Washington and WACharters: Restoring WA’s Charter School Law

Just weeks into the 2016 school year, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that WA’s new charter school law was unconstitutional.Within a week, the coalition rallied 1,000 parents and students to fight this ruling. They built public support by running a comprehensive campaign that included 8105 phone calls, 975 people attending two Olympia rallies, 205 legislative committee testimonies, 300 letters signed and mailed asking Governor Inslee to sign Senate Bill 6194 to successfully sway an oppositional House and Governor to allow the passage of a bill that saved WA’s public charter schools.

PIE Network MVP

Is there a rock star within the PIE Network, someone who is always going above and beyond the boundaries of his or her own state work to be helpful to other Network members? The “Network MVP” recognizes the individual who has done the most within the past year to support the work of Network members. This person will have…

  • Consistently demonstrated a movement-building commitment by reaching to support the work of colleagues across the Network beyond their own organization and scope of their regular job.
  • Leaned in on important policy issues, supported colleagues with strategy and resources, shared critical tools or insights beyond the scope of their role within their organization and/or state

Winner: Derrell Bradford, 50CAN & NYCAN

Derrell is the executive vice president for 50CAN and the executive director of NYCAN. In his new role as EVP at 50CAN, Derrell provides leadership training, mentoring and support for new advocates in the 50CAN Fellowship and YouCAN programs. In addition to this role, he provides strategic and legislative support to numerous New York based advocacy groups and travels across the country to speak with young scholars and parents about the power of choice and educational equity. In the past year, he has published over 30 original essays on educational topics.

2016 Game Changer of the Year

The “Game Changer of the Year” recognizes the state advocacy campaign of a PIE Network member or partner that led to a truly game changing policy change, or protected a critical existing policy. Beyond impacting the state in which the campaign occurred, the Game Changer of the Year serves as a model of innovation for other states.

Winner: The Education Trust–West: Black Minds Matter Report & Campaign

The Black Minds Matter campaign shed light on the persistent, systemic opportunity and achievement gaps faced by the nearly 1 million Black youth under 25 in California. Thousands of reports were requested and sent to the California State Legislature, the California State University Chancellor’s office, educators, and parent and community groups. In response, 1000 Black students rallied for equity and accountability at the State Capitol, the California Legislative Black Caucus hosted multiple legislative briefings, and, as a result, the California Department of Education proposed an Equity Performance and Improvement Team.


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