Maximizing Your Comms Strategy: 5 Top Tips from Comms Bootcamp
June 14, 2019

Communications leaders from across the Network recently gathered to swap strategies and explore cutting-edge tools that can help tell the story of education advocacy efforts.

Communications experts Maggie Shea, founding partner at HotHouse Collaborative, and Betsey Kershaw, founding partner at B. Kershaw & Co., helped members identify what’s working, what’s not, and how to apply new ideas (or revamp old ones) with varying levels of capacity and budget. Members also shared their own insights into communications best practices, their favorite tools, and more.

Check out the following five tips for maximizing education advocacy communications strategies, along with recommended tools to explore:

  1. Plan to be unplanned. Social media management tools like Sprout Social can help you monitor social media trends and track keywords in order to capitalize on organic moments.
  2. You can always start a best practice today. Stay on brand by uploading your brand guidelines into Canva, or up your personalized email game by exploring tools like Yet Another Mail Merge.
  3. Do hard work on the front end. You can use interactive tools like Smart Chart to analyze your context and plan out key tactics, timeline, and measurements for your communications strategy.
  4. Collaborate early and often. Tools like Airtable make it easier to organize your content, including visual elements, and get feedback.
  5. It’s okay to revisit your old stuff. Consider using comments or reactions to your content to spark ideas for a new approach, or re-share weekday content on the weekends to reach a different audience.

Interested in connecting with comms leaders across the Network, or engaging with future communications-focused programming? Reach out.

    Christina Dobratz

    Christina is PIE Network's Manager, Communications & Policy  

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