NACSA Resources Highlight the Critical Role of Authorizers
November 29, 2018

One often misunderstood aspect of charter schools is how they are approved to open. Prospective charter schools must complete an authorizing process that involves a state-approved entity examining the prospective school’s application. Based on the criteria laid out by the authorizer, that application can either be approved or denied.

Due to misunderstandings about the process of authorizing, the work done by the authorizers themselves is often overlooked and undervalued. Yet authorizers play a critical role in ensuring the quality of existing and prospective charter schools. Because of this, the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) recently started a campaign entitled #AuthorizingMatters.

This campaign is designed to help education stakeholders understand the role authorizers play in the chartering process and the importance of their role in ensuring quality schools can open.

NACSA also created interactive showcases to highlight how authorizers around the country are growing more great schools. Lastly, they designed a virtual bootcamp for new authorizing staff to explore the fundamentals of quality authorizing practices.

Interested in learning more about charter school authorizing or want to connect with the folks at NACSA? Reach out!

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