Network Leaders Share 2020 Priorities: Tennessee SCORE
December 6, 2019

With a new decade approaching, Network advocates are planning to hit the ground running in 2020. We asked leaders across the Network to share further details on the work they’re most excited to tackle in 2020 and beyond, from state report card improvements to advancing science-based reading instruction. Find the full series here.  

What are you most excited to work on in 2020 (and beyond)?

By David Mansouri, President and CEO, Tennessee SCORE

I’m looking forward to 2020 going down in history as the year Tennessee took serious steps to end our literacy crisis. SCORE sees opportunities to advance science-based reading instruction with new policies and high-quality instructional materials as every district in the state adopts new English language arts curriculum.

SCORE recently expanded our mission and are now focused on driving the change needed to transform education so students are ensured of success from when they enter kindergarten through when they embark on their careers. In 2020, I am excited SCORE will really begin to advance in this new work with a focus on better aligning K-12 education and postsecondary education to support students in attaining the degrees and industry credentials they need for rewarding careers.

In 2020, we also are excited to be working to elevate the teaching profession through a combined strategy focused on teacher preparation and teacher compensation. For the former, SCORE will be actively working with Middle Tennessee State University to devise and test educator preparation program innovations that will produce the best-qualified teachers in the nation. We also will be working to make Tennessee the top state in the Southeast for teacher compensation.

Another big item on the SCORE agenda next year will be supporting all schools to support all students. SCORE will advocate for rethinking Tennessee’s school turnaround strategy and expanding more high-quality options for underserved students. We also will be a strong voice for rethinking the high school experience with a focus on breaking down the systemic barriers that hinder innovation.

We cannot expect to make progress simply by doing the same things we have been doing. 

I’m excited that 2020 can be the year when fresh new ideas focused on better serving students take root and flourish in education.

Interested in connecting with David about any of this work? Reach out to the PIE Network team for an introduction.

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    David Mansouri

    David is President and CEO of Tennessee SCORE

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