Network Members Respond to 2019 NAEP Results
November 1, 2019

The release of results from the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) showed overall declining scores in reading and mathematics, and growing disparities between the highest and lowest achieving students. Network advocates across the country made the case for where their states need to improve, as well as the progress worth highlighting.

  • Mississippi First celebrated their state being one of a few bright spots, noting, “This ain’t magic, folks; we’re getting the work done”
  • A+ Education Partnership in Alabama looked at their neighbor’s rising scores and asked, remember when we could say “Thank goodness for Mississippi?” 
  • The Thomas B. Fordham Institute found “bright spots amidst the gloom,” perhaps a result of these states’ focus on early literacy and curriculum-based reform
  • Bluum in Idaho notes that the state’s charter schools stand out in the new results
  • Tennessee SCORE saluted educators and policymakers for continued progress, while also calling for urgency to ensure that all students are served well
  • Thomas B. Fordham Institute Ohio called the sobering results a much needed “reality check”
  • EdVoice in California notes that “[w]hile California ranks at the bottom of the nation in reading and math achievement, it ranks at the top—in massive achievement gaps”
  • The Education Trust said that results reiterate the critical need to address education equity
  • Foundation for Florida’s Future outlined a few simple actions and investments to help turn around disappointing achievement
  • The National Council on Teacher Quality found declines in students performance in reading a clear call to change how we train teachers to best teach reading
  • Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence in Kentucky reacted to disappointing results with a call for access to high-quality teaching and curriculum
  • Ready Colorado pointed out that if Colorado charter schools were their own state, they would be #1 in the country in 4th grade math and #2 in the nation for both 4th grade reading and 8th grade reading
  • The Collaborative for Student Success called attention to a decrease across 17 states in 4th grade reading, and 31 states in 8th grade reading
  • The Education Trust-Midwest noted that Detroit regained some of its lost improvement in 4th grade math from previous years, but also pointed out Michigan’s struggle to make gains in early reading
  • Tennesseans for Student Success said the data “reinforces our belief that policy makers must commit to an aggressive and bold agenda, which dramatically and more quickly improves student outcomes for all Tennessee kids.”

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Eric Eagon

Eric is PIE Network's Senior Director, Educator Voice and Policy

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