New Chiefs for Change Report Outlines Steps to Strengthen and Modernize CTE
February 8, 2019

As technological innovation and a shifting economy change the workforce, a good–and relevant–education becomes increasingly important to ensure students are prepared for the future. While additional and alternative pathways to learning, such as career and technical education (CTE), have grown in recent years, the United States still lags behind international competitors in providing students with opportunities to prepare them for work.

Education shortfalls have led the U.S. to be ranked ninth in the world in readiness for the changes in industry and technology that automation is bringing.

As part of their Blueprint for Postsecondary Success, Chiefs for Change recently released a report that highlights these issues and outlines specific steps education leaders can take to strengthen and modernize CTE. Using existing research and real-world examples, Chiefs for Change offers eleven recommendations for practical, actionable strategies and policies to strengthen and modernize CTE:

  1. Improve the quality of CTE pathways and courses
  2. Expand work-based learning opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships
  3. Show leadership and improve coordination
  4. Define career readiness in your local/state context
  5. Expand and improve support for students and families
  6. Build a truly seamless transition into postsecondary education and career training for students in CTE courses
  7. Increase program rigor
  8. Raise the bar for CTE instructors
  9. Identify resources
  10. Ensure equity
  11. Monitor progress

Network members who want to learn more about CTE research can find the full report here, and can also check out the 2019 Member Priority Survey Results on College and Career Readiness, which includes a snapshot of Network organizations working on CTE initiatives. If you’d like to connect with Chiefs for Change or any advocates working on these policies, please reach out.

Chris Nikolic

Chris is PIE Network's Associate, Research and Advancement

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