New Initiative and Resource to Bolster the Teacher Pipeline
August 23, 2019

Two PIE Network members have announced new efforts to strengthen the teacher pipelines in their respective states. 

TeachNC Initiative 

Leaders in North Carolina recently launched TeachNC, a unified, statewide teacher recruitment initiative that seeks to elevate the teaching profession and fill critical vacancies. BEST NC, in partnership with the state’s Department of Public Instruction and, helped launch the initiative, which includes a media campaign and a web platform to support teacher candidates in their journey to becoming a teacher in North Carolina. 

TeachNC’s first public service announcement is called “Teachers Have Better Work Stories,” and shows how the teaching profession is challenging, fulfilling, and constantly evolving. 

TeachNC’s website helps candidates understand the licensure process, training program options, cost considerations, and what it’s like to be a teacher in the state.

New York’s Future Teachers: An Educator Equity Snapshot

A new Educator Equity Snapshot online data tool from The Education Trust-New York allows users to explore data about how school districts and higher education institutions are communicating their needs and priorities to each other and to future educators.

The tool includes data on teacher diversity, placement and performance of preparation program graduates in teaching roles, and other information to help candidates and other stakeholders understand the landscape in New York. 

EdTrust-NY also released an accompanying report, The First Frontier of Equity, which provides additional information in response to five questions:

  1. Is New York State preparing a diverse future educator workforce?
  2. Are program completers employed in New York State public schools after graduation? 
  3. Do program completers remain in New York State public schools?
  4. Where do program completers teach in New York State public schools?
  5. How well do program participants succeed in the classroom?  

To learn more about these recent initiatives or to connect with advocates working to bolster the teacher pipeline, please reach out.

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Eric Eagon

Eric is PIE Network's Senior Director, Educator Voice and Policy

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