New NC Principal Salary Schedule Recognizes Student Progress & Achievement
July 28, 2017

North Carolina principals whose students make big gains could see as much as a $20,000 raise next year. Previously ranked last in the southeast for principal pay, the state has historically paid principals according to a rigid salary schedule based on the size of the school, level of education, and years of experience.

This year the North Carolina legislature voted to invest more than $40 million in principal pay raises over the next two years. This included restructuring the salary schedule for principals—bumping up the state’s rankings in competitive principal pay—and recognizing and rewarding student growth and achievement.

As Business for Educational Success and Transformation North Carolina (BEST NC) explains in a recent blog post, “The state budget makes North Carolina a national leader in school leader pay, by investing much-needed pay increases in an innovative, strategic salary schedule for principals.”

BEST NC predicts that principals could see on average a 13 percent raise in one year (including bonuses), a stark difference from what advocates identify as a 20 percent decrease in salary over the last decade.

BEST NC, an ardent supporter of this work, says building off recommendations from the 2016 Legislative Study Committee on School-Based Administrator’s Pay, was a top legislative priority this year and a core principle for their organization: “State investments in school leaders have been one of BEST NC’s top priorities since our founding.”

As business leaders, our members know the value of great leadership.

To learn more about how BEST NC supported efforts to restructure the state’s principal salary schedule, please reach out.

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