New Polling Numbers Show Support on Multiple Ed Issues
October 18, 2019

New poll results released by Democrats for Education Reform share additional insights on the public’s support of school funding, public school choice, and increased teacher pay. 

You can read a complete capture of the findings here, including various messages that were tested. Key takeaways from the poll include:

  • 57 percent of all voters said the country needs to provide more funding for public schools, but also bring in “new ideas and make real changes to how schools operate.”
  • Eight in 10 voters said they support expanding public choice options.
  • 85 percent of voters, including 93 percent of Democratic primary voters, support a proposal to “Pay teachers more to attract and retain a diverse teaching workforce, so that students from all backgrounds have role models to help them succeed in the classroom.”
  • 78 percent of voters said they would back a proposal to give additional federal funding to colleges that are effectively enrolling low-income students and students of color and preparing them with the knowledge and skills they need to graduate and find a job.

In a recent article featuring the results, DFER President Shavar Jeffries writes, “This isn’t the time to be timid. For the 2020 candidates looking to distinguish themselves, these findings give permission to think outside the box and adopt innovative platforms that combine more funding with new and better policies that build on the lessons of the past and move us toward a more equitable future.”

According to their website, DFER partner organization Education Reform Now Advocacy commissioned Benenson Strategy Group to conduct the survey, which is part of a multi-year polling effort.

Interested in learning more about the poll or the strategy behind it? Reach out for a connection.

Ashley Schmidt

Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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