New Tool Designed to Help Maximize Parent Power
May 2, 2019

“The work of helping parents access their power (we don’t empower them) is incredibly hard.”

In a recent series on The 74, Alex Cortez, managing partner with New Profit, highlights how measurements can help organizations and funders maximize parent power. It goes hand-in-hand with a new online tool recently launched by New Profit.

The tool, a product of partnerships with 17 organizations and informed by discussions at the 2018 PIE Network Summit, focuses on four areas:

  • Parent Power: What are the values, strategies, and parent roles underpinning parent empowerment?
  • Measurement 101: What are inputs, outputs, outcomes, and infrastructure? How do you set targets and link work to student success?
  • Measurement by Strategy: How does measurement work in executing each parent empowerment strategy?
  • Measurement by Action: How does measurement work for house meetings, canvassing, and other actions?

The robust site serves up resources, quotes, and strategies to help organizations and funders think deeply about how parents and the community can drive urgent change. As Cortez explains in his piece on The 74, activating parents is an essential lever:

“Turning “latent demand” into “actionable demand” is about power: informing and organizing parents so they can exercise their innate power — individually and collectively — to create and sustain change.”

The online tool was informed by input from various PIE Network members: 50CAN, Democrats for Education Reform, Innovate Public Schools, Go Public Schools, Parent Revolution, Stand for Children, Student for Education Reform, and PAVE (Parents Amplifying Voice in Education).

Interested in a connection to New Profit? Reach out.

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Ashley Schmidt

Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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