Grassroots Campaign in New Mexico Eliminates Charter Cap
February 8, 2019

With a new crop of leaders in the New Mexico state house and the transition from Governor Martinez to new Governor Lujan, Senate Bill 1 is putting education priorities for the state front and center.

Senate Bill 1, as introduced in early January, would have put in a limit on charter school enrollment to 27,000 students (current enrollment is ~26,500). The cap was included in a much larger funding package that would also raise teacher salaries and increase funding for at-risk students. Because of this, some advocates and senators were placed in a tough position, supporting portions of the package, but not all.

Network member NewMexicoKidsCAN launched a grassroots phone and email campaign and successfully mobilized 500 advocates for public testimony. Advocates contacted committee members, encouraging them to consider the consequences of passing the bill in current form. In a grassroots win, lawmakers ultimately agreed to the removal of the provision from the bill. Senate Bill 1 is now waiting to be heard in Senate Finance Committee.

While there are less than forty days left in session, removing the charter cap from Senate Bill 1, is a big win for kids in New Mexico. NewMexicoKidsCAN is committed to working to ensure ideal policy conditions to ensure access to high quality schools in every zip code in New Mexico. 

If you’d like to learn more about NewMexicoKidsCAN’s advocacy, reach out.

Evy Valencia Jackson

Evy is a consultant for the PIE Network and a National Fellow at 50CAN.

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