On the Horizon in Kentucky: Possible Changes to High School Graduation Requirements
September 21, 2018

As advocates across the country pursue strategies to improve both college and career readiness and postsecondary outcomes, high school graduation requirements are often a key piece of the puzzle. The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence recently analyzed the Kentucky Department of Education’s proposed changes to the state’s graduation requirements, which will be considered by the Kentucky Board of Education this fall.

According to Prichard Committee executive director Brigitte Blom Ramsey, “it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the new requirements result in greater postsecondary attainment for more students in all student groups AND that quality is embedded within those requirements.”

“Ensuring a meaningful high school diploma is the right conversation at the right time, and it simply can’t wait.”

A series of posts on Prichard’s Ed. blog explores how graduation requirements have evolved in recent years, as well as the three major policy changes that would occur as a result of the current proposal:

  • More flexible course requirements
  • New exit exam
  • New menu of options to meet criteria for postsecondary readiness

Another post focuses on the potential of moving away from end-of-course assessments and toward a high-stakes exit exam, including the ramifications for students and schools, and important questions for Kentucky’s education leaders to consider as they weigh this proposal.

For advocates preparing for similar changes in their states, find additional Prichard Committee resources here or reach out if you’d like to connect.

Chris Nikolic

Chris is PIE Network's Associate, Research and Advancement

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