Penny for Your Thoughts: Without ESSA Regs, How Do We Leverage the Law?
March 17, 2017

National Leaders Share Insight for State Advocates

ESSA accountability regulations were overturned. What now? We know reform advocates will continue their work to support ESSA engagement and implementation at the state level. At the same time, a complicated landscape just became even more murky for those on the front lines.

To help navigate through the complexities, we’re tapping the expertise of PIE Network federal-facing partners. We presented a scenario: Imagine you are talking with an advocate focused on ensuring their state accountability structure is as strong as possible.

This leader is facing limited time and resources, and asks, “We’re hearing that there are still places in the Every Student Succeeds Act statute that we can leverage to enforce accountability and transparency in our state. What is the one way you’d recommend we leverage the law, or one specific part of the law that provides the most opportunity?”

While there are a range of approaches offered by Network partners, one common theme is clear throughout.

The work of advocates is more important than ever to ensure every student graduates world-ready.

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Sarah Grunewald

Sarah is PIE Network's Deputy Executive Director, Program Strategy

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