Principals as Instructional Leaders
April 5, 2018

A new report and data visualization from New America analyzes the incorporation of “instructional leadership” in principal evaluation and support systems across all 50 states.

In Guiding Principals: State Efforts to Bolster Instructional Leadership and the accompanying interactive data visualization, New America examines the prevalence and implementation of instructional leadership standards in evaluation systems. They find wide variation in how states define instructional leadership and how they support implementation.

Most states provide a mix of training and resources to principals. Some examples of state supports include organizing principal networks, leadership academies, and mentoring programs, as well as adding more staff or providing individualized support to leaders. The report also spotlights how Minnesota, Texas, and Missouri are bolstering instructional leadership in evaluation and support systems.

Supporting school leaders is a priority for a number of PIE Network members, including BEST NC. To learn more about advocates’ work on principal policy, please reach out.

Eric Eagon

Eric is PIE Network's Senior Director, Educator Voice and Policy

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