Read to Succeed: Advocates Push for Literacy Interventions & Supports
February 8, 2018

“I grew up without access to any books, so I didn’t love reading, or even think it was necessary.”

Earlier this year, Massachusetts’ mother of two, Guadalupe Panameno, testified alongside Stand for Children Massachusetts Executive Director Ranjini Govender in support of a multi-year plan that provides supports and interventions for students struggling to read on grade level.

The Early Literacy Act is designed to dramatically improve 3rd grade reading in the Bay State, including prevention, student identification, student interventions and support, and educator support. For kids, this could mean more reading coaches and interventionists, better literacy curriculum, tailored intervention plans for struggling readers, and summer literacy classes.

At a recent event in the state capitol, advocates partnered with parents, legislators, authors, professionals from various fields, and educators—from both K-12 and higher education—to put a spotlight on the state’s urgent literacy needs. These champions, from every stage of a child’s development, made their message clear: every child must read to succeed.

Currently, 53 percent of the state’s third graders cannot read at grade-level, jumping to more than 70 percent for low-income, black and Latino students.

The Every Child Reads campaign, a project of Stand for Children Massachusetts in partnership with several other organizations, urges citizens to learn more about the state of literacy and show their support through petitions, texts, emails, and donations for the pending legislation.

You can read more on the campaign’s website. Interested in connecting with Stand Massachusetts to learn more about the planning and execution of this literacy campaign? Reach out.

Ashley Schmidt

Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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