Strategic Use of New Money: Teacher Salaries and Other Investments in Washington State
September 21, 2018

After a Washington court ruled that the state must spend more money on education, districts must now decide how to invest new resources in order to support students and remain financially sustainable.

As part of their series of resources on the recent McCleary ruling, the League of Education Voters (LEV) outlines coming challenges in The Work Ahead: District Decisions Around Teacher Salary Post-McCleary. In McCleary, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that the state was not contributing enough toward teacher salaries for many years, which meant districts often had to spend local dollars in order to provide competitive salaries. After McCleary, the state increased school funding, primarily for K-12 salaries, which should make local levy dollars available for basic education enhancements including reducing staffing ratios, improving access to pre-kindergarten, and increasing student supports, rather than needing to use levy dollars for base salary adjustments.

LEV’s new resource includes tough questions that districts should ask in determining how to allocate funding in an equitable way. Check out LEV’s full report, interactive maps, charts, and other resources here.

Eric Eagon

Eric is PIE Network's Senior Director, Educator Voice and Policy

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