Tax Credit Scholarship Debate: Advocates Engage Across Lines of Difference
May 16, 2019

Earlier this spring, Empower Illinois hosted a moderated conversation on tax credit scholarship programs. According to the Empower Illinois team, the event was not focused on politics, but rather on having a respectful discussion about ideas and policy, centered on setting students up for success in the future.

Network members Myles Mendoza of Empower Illinois, Van Schoales of A+ Colorado, and Derrell Bradford of 50CAN discussed the benefits and consequences of policies that benefit private school options for students and families.

Throughout the discussion, advocates modeled the importance of engaging with one another despite policy disagreements. Even amongst leaders who are deeply committed to certain policy ideas, they remained open to well-constructed critiques made in the service of improvement.

Part of the discussion centered on Illinois’ $100M tax credit scholarship program that the Illinois governor is currently considering cutting. Families who benefit from the program and other advocates are participating in a grassroots effort to share the positive impact it has on students.

Interested in learning more? Check out #SaveMyScholarship to learn more about the campaign, or reach out to connect with the Empower Illinois team.

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Evy Valencia Jackson

Evy is a consultant for the PIE Network and a National Fellow at 50CAN.

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