Teachers’ Perspectives on Unions & More in E4E Survey
June 1, 2018

According to a nationally representative teacher survey, teachers are largely committed to their unions, but they also want them to better engage members and ensure their policy positions and priorities reflect the beliefs of their diverse memberships.

Ahead of an upcoming U.S Supreme Court decision in the Janus v. AFSCME case, Educators for Excellence has released portions of the results of Voices from the Classroom: A Survey of America’s Educators that are related to the Janus case and unions more generally. Results of the full survey, which was collaboratively designed by classroom teachers, will be released on August 1.

The survey found that most teachers consider unions to be essential or important, though a majority of teachers said unions’ policy decisions are not greatly aligned with their own policy preferences. Additionally, most union teachers and nonunion teachers said it is critically important for unions to bargain for wages, health and retirement benefits, and protect teachers’ jobs, rather than provide information about political candidates or issue positions, or endorse candidates. Explore the survey results here.

In addition to the national sample, E4E also surveyed full-time traditional public school and public charter school teachers in five areas with E4E chapters: Connecticut, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minnesota, and New York City.

Read more about the survey, and E4E’s work to elevate the voices of educators, in this commentary from co-founder and co-CEO Evan Stone. You can also hear more about the survey and educators’ perspectives on Janus in the latest episode of E4E’s Teacher Voice podcast.


Christina Dobratz

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