What are Advocates Reading and Listening To?
June 14, 2019

Education leaders tackle complex problems, tenuous negotiations, and tough realities every day. At the latest gathering of communications leaders from across the Network, we asked participants to share what they are reading or listening to when they need a source of inspiration.

Corrie Leech, Director of Communications, NACSA

Muck Rack Daily newsletter

The Muck Rack Daily is the only non-education daily email digest I subscribe to. It’s a quick lunchtime read that helps me stay informed about the major stories and topics journalists are talking about on Twitter, as well as updates about the news industry itself. The content often highlights several stories outside of education that I might otherwise miss, and the gifs and witty commentary from journalists are usually good for a laugh (or a headdesk).

Teresa Wasson, Director of Strategic Communications, Tennessee SCORE

How I Built This Podcast: Canva

For a communicator who has high standards (but low skills) for design, Canva has been a lifesaver. The company has a fascinating origin story that I don’t want to spoil, but let me just provide a hint: it has something to do with high school.

Erin Parks, Manager of Communications, Colorado Succeeds


As a communications professional, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the trends, tools, and platforms that seem to roll-out a new feature every month. MarketingProfs.com is a great resource that provides key marketing information by topic. Their articles allow you to hone in on the exact challenge you’re trying to solve for – from how to create a marketing video to the pros and cons of the best project management tools. I have been a subscriber for over 5 years and have found a helpful article at every stage of my career. Why do I absolutely love MarketingProfs? They consider each user’s learning style and offer a variety of platforms to consume the information. You can review the basics in an infographic or listen to a podcast and get inspired on your way to work!

Betsey Kershaw, B. Kershaw & Co., Facilitator at PIE Network Communicators’ Bootcamp

Science of Social Media Podcast

Once a month I take a look at the Science of Social Media podcast and scan the topics to see if there is anything of interest that I missed or is relevant to my team and my clients. Usually, this is the perfect way to catch up on the latest in social without having to do a ton of research on my own. This podcast, in particular, does a great job of touching on what’s trending in social media combined with practical tips and tricks. It’s the right balance of strategy and tactics!

Interested in sharing your recommendations? Let us know.

    Ashley Schmidt

    Ashley is PIE Network's Senior Director of Member Engagement & Communications

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