What’s At Stake as Denver Teachers Strike?
February 8, 2019

With teachers in Denver likely to strike on February 11, PIE Network members are weighing in on what’s at stake, breaking down the details of the current district and union proposals, and helping make sense of the complex issues around teacher pay and school district finances. Unlike the previous teacher strikes–including Los Angeles this year and walkouts in at least a half dozen states in 2018–Denver is the first time that differential pay is in the mix.

A+ Colorado Issue Guide on Teacher Pay Negotiations

A+ Colorado released a comprehensive resource to help stakeholders understand what’s on the table as Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) negotiate. The issue guide reviews how current proposals would likely play out for teachers, and gives background on the voter-approved ProComp pay system, which includes additional salary for performance and for teaching in high-needs schools.

A+ Op-Ed: Denver Teachers Need More Money. But Not at the Cost of Educational Equity for the City’s Black and Latino Students

Writing in The 74, A+ Colorado’s Landon Mascareñaz predicts that “ultimately, the nation and our town will once again endure a sad drama pitting educators against educators for a smaller slice of the pie, while students pay the price.” Mascareñaz puts the looming strike in the context of Denver’s history of innovation, as well as in the broader landscape of recent teacher protests and efforts to improve outcomes for students. He fears that the protracted conflict will hurt children of color the most.

Teach Plus Teacher: Why I won’t strike: Denver teachers in high-poverty schools, like me, deserve real bonuses

Alison Corbett, an eight-year veteran teacher in Denver Public Schools and a 2017-18 Teach Plus Colorado Fellow, explains how ProComp helps students and supports educators. “All teachers should be compensated for the hard and important work that they do, and I’m excited to see pay rise for everyone. I don’t believe that strong base pay and bonus money for qualified educators are mutually exclusive.”

PIE Network will continue to monitor developments in Denver–as well as in Oakland, Chicago, and across the nation. Contact us if you’d like to connect with advocates working on these issues.

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Eric Eagon

Eric is PIE Network's Senior Director, Educator Voice and Policy

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