Core Beliefs

The Network is made up of diverse views and experiences from across ideological, ethnic, and socio-economic spectrums. A set of beliefs and a spirit of engagement bring us together and keep us together.

We agree with many people about the power of public education.


Education is transformative

We believe in the power of public education. We know it’s transformative and affects the trajectory of every child’s life.

Schools are the bedrock of communities

We believe strong public schools matter. They are the bedrock of vibrant communities. They are essential to a prosperous economy.  They attract business.

Education is the key to a prosperous economy

We believe in equitable taxpayer support for public education that provides additional investments for students with unique needs.

What sets us apart are the ways we believe schools can and must improve.


Kids need champions

We believe all kids need champions who work to ensure they get the education they deserve, especially the most underserved students.

Kids rise to the expectations we hold for them

We believe kids rise to the level of expectations adults hold for them, so we set high standards for all kids.

Effective educators make a difference

We believe in the incredible impact of effective educators and we won’t rest until all kids have high quality teachers in their classrooms and leaders for their schools.

Evidence is necessary for improvement

We believe it’s reasonable to expect continuous improvement in education and that it’s responsible to ask for measurable evidence of performance and for swift action when it’s not delivered.

Families need options

We believe families need options so they can find schools that work best for the unique needs of their kids.