PIE Network Capacity-Building Events

Each year the PIE Network hosts a series of capacity-building events for leaders across the Network. While the dates, agenda, and location change from year to year, below you’ll find a list of opportunities PIE Network offers annually.

Spring Executives’ Meeting

The annual Spring Executives’ Meeting is an opportunity for Network leaders to gather and discuss the opportunities and challenges they anticipate in the coming months. This is a working meeting exclusively for executive directors and policy partners, with conversation built around the top priorities they identify. Contact erice@pie-network.org with questions.

Communicators’ Bootcamp

This experience is designed for communications leaders at member and partner organizations. This three-day event offers participants the chance to dig deep into winning communications campaigns, problem-solve around persistent challenges, and advance critical communications skills. Contact ashley@pie-network.org with questions.

Educator Voice Meeting

This three-day meeting is ideal for organizations that currently have an explicit, sustained commitment to educator engagement, as well as organizations in the process of designing or launching a new initiative. This meeting typically contains high-level strategy conversations, so it is recommended for team members responsible for shaping the organization’s strategy and committing the organization’s resources to projects and partnerships. Contact erice@pie-network.org with questions.

Leadership Institute

This is a cohort-based, year long leadership opportunity focused on leading change in complex, political climates. Leaders apply and are selected from organizations across the Network, committing to a series of three meetings. You can learn more about the Leadership Institute here. Contact jennifer@pie-network.org with questions.