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“PIE serves as the convener role, letting other organizations avoid awkward power dynamics. PIE also has a broader eye on the space and can pull out specific needs and shining examples." - Evan Stone, Co-Executive Director, Educators for Excellence

“PIE's Leadership Institute is unlike any other leadership development I've been a part of. The training of this nature does not really exist anywhere else. Its unparalleled approach and design builds skills needed for transformational change. The deep connections I've made with peers through this program are immeasurably valuable.” - Priscilla Aquino Garza, Deputy Director, Policy, Educate Texas

“The PIE Network Summit was quite honestly the best professional conference I have ever attended. I’m fortunate that I attended at a time when the event was so applicable to multiple areas of my current work." - 2019 Summit Participant

  • Why a Network?

Students Need Champions

Americans have long believed in the promise of education as the great equalizer. And for just as long, advocates—from parents to Civil Rights leaders, educators to business leaders—have worked to ensure that our schools keep that promise. While this work has varied across generations and communities, there has been one constant: What drives these champions is the reality that our schools are not keeping that promise for far too many kids. Students—particularly those historically underserved—need, and always have needed, advocates to fight for the great schools that every child deserves.

Champions Need a Network

Advocating for policy changes to improve education is exceptionally challenging work, and those who pursue it need peers, resources, and support to keep them motivated and to strengthen their efforts for students. Underneath it all, these champions need connections: Connections—with people and know-how—sharpen their strategy and help them be the best advocates that they can be. A network designed by and for education reform leaders has the unique ability to foster these connections, creating relationships and wisdom-trading among advocates working on similar goals across state lines.

A Network Fuels Innovation

The PIE Network now connects education leaders across more than 100 member organizations in 32 states and Washington, D.C. Through the Network, advocates gain relationships, resources, and best practices that they would not have otherwise had. Working as a ready network enables the rapid dissemination of success stories, ideas, and resources and allows for coordinated, rapid responses to crises and opportunities. It fosters ongoing innovation within the education reform movement, and, most importantly, maximizes policy change for the students who count on champions to fight for the great schools they deserve.

  • PIE Network

Spreads Stories & Best Practices

PIE Network collects and shares ideas and know-how. Through the Network, champions can learn what has worked—and hasn’t worked—for advocates in other states, and use best practices and lessons learned to more effectively advance policy change in their communities.

Amplifies Resources

PIE Network is a resource multiplier. Connected by the Network, advocates have access to research, reports, and tools from other state-based leaders, as well as the Network’s many national partners, to accelerate their efforts and sharpen their strategy.

Fuels Collaboration

PIE Network fosters collective action among advocates. It sustains connections and communications channels, enabling it to keep a pulse on emerging issues and quickly spread ideas, insights, and know-how. Events also provide space for champions to partner and strategize around shared policy goals.

The Power of Connection

Explore the PIE Network’s 2019 Annual Report, which tells the story of the unique role the Network plays in the national education reform movement.


We are Voices

Watch this video to learn more about the PIE Network.

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