Stand for Children Indiana

What have been your organization’s biggest accomplishments while exploring educator voice work?

In 2019, Stand for Children Indiana partnered with TeachPlus and ISTA to push a legislative package to elevate the teaching profession. The first step was to send out a statewide survey to teachers to get their voice on what keeps them in or forces them out of the teaching profession. The survey received over 500 responses from across traditional public, charter and private schools. This data was used to write a report with Public Impact on the needs of the teaching profession in Indiana.

Advocates then authored three bills that focused on district spending, teacher residency, and career ladders for teachers. Teachers from Indiana provided critical testimony at the House Education, Senate Education, and Appropriations Committees. All three bills were priority bills for the House GOP caucus and advocates were able to get two new line items in the budget: $3.5 million for a career ladders for teachers pilot and $1 million for a teacher residency pilot.

What advice do you have for other advocacy organizations thinking about engaging educators?

Building relationships is a key first step. Educators need to be able to trust you and feel invested in your policy goals. It is a big ask to have teachers take a day off of work and come and speak in front of legislators, so you want them to feel comfortable with the policies and feel prepared.


Recent Priorities

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