Georgia Charter Schools Association

The mission of the Georgia Charter Schools Association is to be an effective advocate and service provider for all charter public schools in Georgia by advancing awareness of charter schools and their mission; increasing awareness that charter schools are public schools; communicating charter school needs to state and local officials; supporting legislation to strengthen charter schools; facilitating opportunities for networking and collaboration among charter schools; developing and implementing programs and services that advance student achievement, accountability and success; and training charter school governing boards in best practices to meet compliance standards.

Recent Priorities

The topics below represent this member’s recent priorities, as they’ve reported through the annual PIE Network legislative and policy survey. If no priorities are listed, this member is new to the Network and/or has not yet participated in this survey. For much greater detail about all PIE Network members’ recent campaigns, members can access the PIE Network Policy Map here. If you have questions on the PIE Network legislative and policy survey or the Policy Map, contact Lukas.

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