College Completion for Working Adults

Policy Description

In Idaho, the second largest population of working adults has completed some college but does not have a degree. Two years ago, Gov. Otter put forth a College Completion Scholarship to help at least some of these students go back and get their degrees. The bill was held up by one vote.

This year, Idaho Business for Education (IBE) has continued the work by trying to create a College Completion Scholarship program to help the 225,000 Idahoans with some college finish their degrees. Due to inter-party squabbles, the bill had a rougher time this year than it did two years ago. Moving forward, IBE plans to put a more personal face on the issue, instead of selling their bill through statistics and data.

Policy / Coalition Partners

Governor Otter

Key Lessons Learned

In 2018, IBE plans to put a more human face on the issue by bringing in people with a story to tell the legislature. Many adults with some college completed and no degree can’t afford to go back to school and can’t afford to live on their current salary. Without the opportunity to further themselves, these people are, in a sense, stuck.

Bill / Policy Reference

HB 190


Rod Gramer, President and CEO


Idaho Business for Education



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