Defense Against Superintendent of Public Instruction-Sponsored Legislation

Policy Description

EdVoice had to defeat many SPI-sponsored pieces of legislation during the lastest legislative session. Among the many, two bills in particular were important to defeat. These two bills, with different authors, would have had separate but both negative outcomes on students. The first bill, AB 3096, would have reduced the currently-required information on California's School Accountability Report Card—important information for advocates, parents, community members, and other stakeholders. The second, AB 1661, would have eliminated minimum requirements for the education of migrant youth during the summertime.

EdVoice worked with allies to voice opposition to these bills, testified in committees, and also communicated with members and staff. Pretty solid outcome here, as both bills in the form EdVoice objected to were defeated.

Policy / Coalition Partners

Opposition to the different bills had different alliances, but still included many of EdVoice’s advocacy group partners/allies.

Key Lessons Learned

Do your homework: One of these bills was presented as a "technical clean up" bill, which simply wasn't the case. Legislators often take proposals from the SPI at their word. If EdVoice hadn't gone through this proposal line-by-line, it might have slipped on through.

Bill / Policy Reference

AB 3096
AB 1661


Memo proposing amendments to AB 3096
Memo to oppose AB 1661


Dean Drescher, Policy Director





  • Accountability/Transparency
  • Report Card

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