Dual Credit Policy

Policy Description

Dual credit has been a long time strategy of Texas to increase college and career readiness. Both districts and institutions of higher education receive funding for students that complete dual credit courses. While there has always been a concern about dual credit quality, statistically, students who take dual credit have higher success rates than students that do not take dual credit. There has been increased concern about the quality of dual credit and likely some policy changes are coming for the next legislative session. There is no single standard for course offerings, and there are concerns about rigor and transferability of courses. As a supporter of quality dual credit, Educate Texas wants to clarify the various issues that are being conflated with dual credit and to ensure the continued support of dual credit.

Policy / Coalition Partners

Jobs for the Future, Community College Partners, Student Success Council

Key Lessons Learned

Need a state audit of how dual credit is being implemented across the state - it is so varied from district to district the information is unclear to appropriately push policies to ensure students are getting the best options. Don’t try to apply solutions before understanding the problem – need data.


Priscilla Aquino Garza, Deputy Director


Educate Texas



  • Post-secondary

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