ESSA State Plan Framework

Policy Description

PAVE wanted to ensure that a strong framework for the D.C. ESSA state plan was passed, with weights for both growth and proficiency. PAVE got more engaged in report cards this year, and wanted to emphasize the importance of parents being involved during this stage of the process. Advocacy tactics included parents and PAVE’s executive director submitting testimony to the D.C. State Board of Education.
PAVE was somewhat satisfied with the result, with parents glad that there is now a task force for the report card - which is more of a focus for them than the framework itself. PAVE really had to work on separating the report card from the framework, but due to the wonkiness of this subject, it is difficult to relay and understand.

Policy / Coalition Partners

Democrats for Education Reform DC
Area schools

Key Lessons Learned

ESSA frameworks are really wonky and hard for parents to understand so to do this advocacy, you have to first do a lot of information building. The more important component for parents to offer insight into is the report card. This wound up being one that PAVE’s executive director personally did a lot of advocacy around because they believed in the plan and knew it was strong based on reviews of the growth vs. proficiency measures and the objectivity. But it's really at the report card stage that parent voice is instrumental and should be most heeded.


March Newsletter to Parents (ESSA Accountability Plan)


Maya Martin, Founder and Executive Director


Parents Amplifying Voices in Education



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