Increases to State K12 Per-Pupil Funding

Policy Description

During the 2018 legislative session, Colorado saw one of the largest increases (6.2%) to state per-pupil education funding in recent memory. While there were any number of forces and factors that contributed to this - and while the League's was just one voice in a chorus of many others calling for the prioritization of K12 funding - it was another example of looking for opportunities for "non-traditional collaboration" that put aside differences and instead focus on areas of mutual interest and benefit.

Policy / Coalition Partners

In a very loose way, the League worked with other members of the education establishment in Colorado (superintendents, unions, higher education, rural schools and districts) to collectively advocate for the prioritization of education funding in the debate over what to do with additional revenue resulting from tax reform and economic expansion.

Key Lessons Learned

Similar to the effort on facilities funding, a key lesson here is to not let past antagonisms get in the way of future opportunities.


K12 and Higher Education Funding Letter


Dan Schaller, VP of State & Local Policy


CO League of Charter Schools



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