Review of State ESSA Plan

Policy Description

This past year, Oklahoma Achieves spent much of their time working on reviewing the state ESSA plan for Oklahoma, being one of the few organizations who read and gave feedback on every draft of the plan. Much of the work was done around giving input on the creation of a new accountability system, where Oklahoma Achieves pushed for a smaller n-size, and making sure that strong STEM and post-secondary opportunities were included (e.g. what good internships are, how these can apply toward credits, etc.). They were one of the few groups that continually pushed to make sure the plan was rigorous, submitting formal comments on each draft, and working closely with the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Policy / Coalition Partners

America Succeeds, Bellwether Education Partners, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Oklahoma State Department of Education

Key Lessons Learned

Any work related to ESSA is going to be tedious due to the long-term rollout and size of the policy, so sticking to the work and what you’re trying to accomplish is incredibly important. Oklahoma Achieves was one of the few organizations that saw this work through from the beginning, which helped show their value/prove their worth to this work.


Jennifer Monies, Executive Director


Oklahoma Achieves



  • Accountability/Transparency
  • College/Career Readiness
  • ESSA
  • STEM

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