Recommended Resources from 2018 Summit

As advocates across the country continue to prepare for upcoming legislative sessions, resources from colleagues and experts can help. Below is a collection of resources mentioned at the PIE Network 2018 Summit.

The resources are organized below by the session during which they were mentioned. Please reach out if you have additional resources or tools that you’d like to see listed here.

We will continue to update this page daily, so please check back for additional resources. 


Management Workout: Developing Your Staff

Collaboration Across State Lines: A Case Study of the Columbia Group

Testing Our Patience: The State of Accountability

Material World: The Challenges of Curriculum Reform

Show Me the Money! Case Studies in Achieving More Equitable Charter Funding

Building Momentum for Funding Reform: Grassroots, Communications & Coalition Building

Charter Schools and the Shifting Political Landscape

Lunch & Discussion with Louisiana Superintendent John White

Forward Motion or Going Through the Motions: School Improvement under ESSA

Revamping State Report Cards Through Policy, Communications, & Engagement

Beyond the Bill: Influencing Implementation

Standing the Test of Time: The Future of Assessments in Education