PIE Network Team Core Values


We respect the judgment of members about what works in their states, and follow their lead to determine when and how to contribute to their strategy.


Our ears are to the ground, being deeply knowledgeable about the work of education advocates. We take the time to get diverse input, ask questions, contextualize research in the field, and integrate that information back into the Network.


We customize our work based on a thorough consideration of context and relationships. We are not afraid to change a system or program based on needs and input. We are always anticipatory, comfortable with ambiguity, and able to create structure where there is none.


We are curious about and have an informed understanding of excellence in the Network, connecting members with the resources, opportunities, and innovators that will best ignite success in their work.


We are servant leaders who prove our value by adding value. We know that local champions have the most influence, and our work is to maximize their work to advance policy in state capitols. It’s all hands on deck to strengthen outcomes on the front lines.